Global architects specify our slate flooring and paving due to the natural beauty, performance characteristics, low maintenance, and durability of our American stones. Many of our exterior flooring slate products are unfading, hard and dense, naturally slip resistant and unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles. Our clients appreciate the flexibility United Slate’s interior and exterior slate products afford them in their designs, we are proud to produce an impeccable slate flooring range in several finishes and custom sizes for both commercial and domestic properties.

United Slates is excited to offer Vermont Structural slate flooring to the UK and Europe for the first time. United Slates is dedicated to supplying quality American slates for all your architectural needs; our dedication coupled with the Vermont Structural Slate Co’s unmatched knowledge and service in slate flooring has allowed United Slates to bring this unique slate application to Europe. Please browse some examples of US flooring projects below for inspiration.